$4 DIY Wood Easter Banner Craft


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this yellow and purple spray paint from Krylon. This is the 4th project I’ve made with just one can of paint in each color. Today I added a metalic silver to the mix for my DIY Wood Easter Banner Craft. This was SO easy and fast. If you have a vinyl cutter or a friend that has a vinyl cutter, it will be even easier.

DIY Wood Easter Banner CraftI got these super cute wood banner cut outs at Michaels. They were only about $0.29 each. So cheap! Then I just bought skinny twine which will last through many banners that I will soon be making. You know what’s awesome? You can make these reversable because there are SO many 6 letter words I came up with for almost every holiday.

Love (with two hearts)
Lucky (with a shamrock)
July 4 th (the th is on one tile)

There, one for every month! Ha!

These are the colors I used: Krylon Bright Idea and Gum Drop. Then I used a can of Silver Metalic spray paint, also from Krylon.

DIY Easter Banner Craft

So here is what they look like when you buy them:

DIY Easter Banner Craft

I just went outside, spray painted them, let them dry, cut out the vinyl, placed the vinyl, added the twine and then used Poster Putty to add them to a round mirror in my home. These would be perfect for a wreath or mantle. Even to drape over a favorite frame.

DIY Easter Banner Craft

DIY Easter Banner Craft

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